What IS YA!Y for Doing Good?

During the last round of awful tornadoes that ripped through the south, I saw a lot of tweets from people who felt helpless and wished they could do something. Over the next few months, we saw flooding, forest fires, and shootings. Overseas, we saw wars and more natural disasters. And, in the middle of those reports were the volunteers and donor funded not-for profit organizations, working hard to help the families affected by the disasters. During the YA Sisterhood crush tourney, I watched Team Kilt again and again donate to some of Jeri Smith-Ready's favorite charities.

The YA and MG community is full of stories of people who make a difference in others' lives. Both teens and adults who give freely and generously. We're passionate about our books and our communities.

I want to celebrate that.

Because I live near NYC and Philly, I've been lucky enough to attend a number of booksignings by authors who I absolutely love. Many times in the last few months, I've supported the authors and bookstores by buying an extra "giveaway" copy for this project. While I love just doing giveaways (they're fun!), I also thought it would be nice to combine the giveaway with a thank you for your service to the community.*

I will be collecting names and will do a drawing quarterly for a prize out of the vault. Once you're in the pool, you're in for the entire year.

I encourage anyone who wants to do a YA!Y giveaway or add to the vault, let me know and I'll post it on the blog!

I'll be keeping a running tally of reported donated service hours/money on a side tab. It's only as accurate as your reports are, but it would be nice to see the numbers grow.

NOTE: I'm still working out the logistics for the running giveaway! Until then, feel free to join the first rafflecopter giveaway and keep your eye on this blog.

*While I have my favorite charities, I encourage you to support whichever charities you feel most passionate about!

If you have any ideas on logistics, want me to promote your own giveaway, or would like to give to the prize vault, please contact me at c(dot)isabel(dot)bandeira(AT)gmail(dot)com

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